Let’s Reconnect

This is my very first blog entry. I usually enjoy sharing my life on Instagram and Facebook, but I wanted to go back to my roots when social media was on its first steps into culture. I was a teenager who loved to journal almost everyday. It brought me a sense of importance as I wrote my life down on paper and on journaling sites. It was a courageous time for me, exposing all my feelings for who knows who to read. I enjoyed writing to my friends these really long crammed words, 3 page front to back letters everyday. No wonder I got my first D that year. Although it cost me a little drama (no secret is secure on paper). I managed to still journal consistently until one day I let it go. I was in a season where I found closure from my first heartbreak. I wanted to be free from feeling and reabsorbing old pain I had already processed and that’s where I stopped journaling. The gap between that teenage season of writing and now is almost 15 years. So here I am, all grown up, married and, and ready to open this chapter up to whoever will read. Oh and also there is a new twist to things old friends, I am a Christian blogger now. Here is the culture of writing, teaching, and creating things with Jesus.


  1. Norma Cruz says:

    Yes!!! Now we can get together for some coffee writing blog posts. 🤩☕️😂😂


    1. Yes.. I need your help 😂. Baby blogger over here. 🍼😅


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