The Gold Is Your Story

Ok, so to start, here is a little about me. I am creative, with a creative mind, I am expressive, talkative. I talk a lot actually. I share my discoveries and what I’ve learned and created, all this making story telling another of my favorite things to do. I pull from my true stories, and inspiring stories because there are lessons to learn and remember. There is plenty of gold to pull out and share. I believe that stories inspire. When I was young I was the observer and listener, learning and taking my own statistics in life, while doodling in between. But I am in the activated journey of living it out, learning and sharing and revealing the treasures I have found in life while still doodling in between. So this short post is to encourage you to remember that when you are living life, whether you are surviving, thriving or even in a season of observation, there is something to take from it. There is so much to discard too, But please hold on to the gold that you find on your journey. Share it amongst each other at tables, road trips, walks, fishing, and my favorite, coffee dates. This making each other rich in wisdom and inspiration.


  1. Perla says:

    Beautifully written! Love it cousin ❤


    1. Thank you. 😍😍😘


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