What is your Assignment?

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen breakthrough? Why is it taking so long to see this prayer answered?

Could it be that we have not discerned the assignment?

Before Jesus was taken, events would be stirring for arrest and Jesus knew, and would say, It is not my time. When the Pharisees came to arrest Him, He knew it was not His time, he stirred up the Pharisees hearts. He preached truth and knew the effects. He knew outcomes. But when it was time, and He was finally arrested, He knew that outcome. He allowed the taunting, the abuse, the name calling. As they tested Him for the truth, truth that could’ve set Him free, that could’ve gained Him more followers, He stayed quite instead. He knew the times, He knew the assignment, He knew the plan.

We are always living in a very growing environment, Kids are growing, we are growing, life is changing. Each day can be unique, each month, each year each Era. Leaving room for adjustment and asking Holy Spirit, how do I approach this situation, this new day, this conversation etc. and pay attention to the repeats. What is on repeat. Do you keep hearing “God is Faithful” perhaps were being stretched to trust God more as we process. Another repeat could be “you are beautiful” I had this one come right on time to reveal that I am His, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I took it further when God gave me a dream about His heart for HIs creation. Then I discerned God is speaking against what the world says about His beauty. Not just against me, But against his designs. You are His design even as He makes you all brand new again. My favorite part is when He made sure I didn’t forget about “Handsome”. With that set up lesson, I stayed listening, and found myself seeing a little of what He can see in others. When it could not be seen in the natural, He revealed what Heaven sees in His people. This changed everything for me. This was prophetic, To see what God sees. When it is hidden. What has the world covered of you that God can see? I then knew I had to share his heart, and also adjust my eyes to what God sees. No more declaring what I see in the natural but declaring what God sees. That was the assignment. Jesus being King, was beat, ridiculed, left by many. But Heaven saw Him, as a Glorious King. Now we may be beat, and discouraged, and broken now, or even thriving on promise land, but what does Heaven see? What does Jesus see, and what is the assignment?

What is your assignment. There is a time, there is a plan, and there is a design.

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