Be Like the Woman at the Well

I love to read the Bible and learn something new, through a scripture I have already learned from. My first time reading about Rebekahs well encounter I was single and wanting a life of marriage. I asked God, to send me to the well just like He did with Rebekah before she married Isaac. I thank the Lord still for the success in that request.

Yesterday I read it again. Where Abraham sent his servant to find the wife for his son. He blessed His servant with success for the journey and the servant requested:

“O Lord, God of my master, Abraham,” he prayed. “Please give me success today, and show unfailing love to my master, Abraham.”

“See, I am standing here beside this spring, and the young women of the town are coming out to draw water. This is my request. I will ask one of them, ‘Please give me a drink from your jug.’ If she says, ‘Yes, have a drink, and I will water your camels, too!’—let her be the one you have selected as Isaac’s wife. This is how I will know that you have shown unfailing love to my master.”

Before he had finished praying, he saw a young woman named Rebekah coming out with her water jug on her shoulder. She was the daughter of Bethuel, who was the son of Abraham’s brother Nahor and his wife, Milcah.

Rebekah was very beautiful and old enough to be married, but she was still a virgin. She went down to the spring, filled her jug, and came up again.

Running over to her, the servant said, “Please give me a little drink of water from your jug.”

“Yes, my Lord,” she answered, “have a drink.” And she quickly lowered her jug from her shoulder and gave him a drink. When she had given him a drink, she said, “I’ll draw water for your camels, too, until they have had enough to drink.” So she quickly emptied her jug into the watering trough and ran back to the well to draw water for all his camels.”

The servant watched her in silence, wondering whether or not the Lord had given him success in his mission. Then at last, when the camels had finished drinking, he took out a gold ring for her nose and two large gold bracelets for her wrists.”

I read through the chapter and was planning on going to morning prayer at 7 am, but thought to read more, until it hit me. Rebekah showed up!! She showed up to the well. So I got up showed up to prayer. Same day I showed up to Pursuit Night at Lifesong and we experienced a new freedom in worship. God’s glory manifested in the crowd. The next day I said “I will show up”. It is that simple. To show up to the well. With the intention to meet with God’s fulfillment. Today is only my second day with this “Show up to the Well” mindset, and I have met the fulfillment of two events that I had prayed “God I’ll wait for you to open the door”. What else does God have for the woman at the well. Just keep Showing up and you’ll see you will be just as adorned as the woman at the well. Adorned with the Glory, adorned with opportunity, adorned with a promise fulfilled, adorned with ____ ( Let God fill in the blank with His fulfillment).

Just show up my friend and I pray now “O Lord, God of Abraham, please give them success for today”

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