To the the one learning to hear/see/feel/know God. He is always speaking. Don’t despise the way He shows Himself to you. I remember when I was learning, a beginner in the faith. I would hear the words loosely in the church “seek His face” or “I want to see your face Lord” I did not understand. How is this? I thought. When I finally sought the kingdom for my self, I said to myself, I want to find His face.

My first search began with the Bible, It is where I learned His passions, His jealousy, His heart over matters, His thoughts about me, His desires for me, it is truly the most detailed letter you can ever ask from anyone, yet this was God revealing so much in His very alive word. His word was my foundation to start with. I still asked the question, can I see your face? Not knowing He was showing me how He wanted to. He chose to show me His face in His creation. His first words to me this way were in outcomes, He would make situations move, and align things so that I would notice it was Him. Things only He could do, and things perhaps only I could notice, personal things, desires I had etc. I realized He was alive and active, and listening and with me.

Example. After having straight F’s and Ds in college, I heard in myself a strategy and I knew it wasn’t me. I knew my own thoughts, but this strategy was from God, because I walked it out, and after having bad grades in high-school with 2 attempts at colleges full of failures, I finally Got my first straight A’s, doing what I heard from what seemed like my own thoughts. Yet In my thoughts He had obtained and spoke.

Another example. For lack of protection from man, I asked God how do I make sure a man will not break my heart again. I got a thought immediately, This thought said, “Speak for me. My daughter, speak my heart to the man. What would a good father say for his daughter if a man seeks for her? Speak that.” this was in my thoughts. I used this as soon as the time presented itself. I spoke “what are your intentions with me” and this agreement with my Father for myself bore fruit. I chose to speak and honor myself as God honored me and wanted protection for me. He also took care of the answer to this question. He sent my now Husband with the very answer to my question. The timing and the outcome was God’s moving hand for my life, my husband and my testimony. This is how He would show His face then.

What does He sound like audibly? Someone else may have that testimony. What does He look like literally? I have yet to see Him entirely. I have yet to know, but I still see Him moving, and the more I seek the more I see the different ways He speaks and shows His face. There was a time where I doubted that I had His Holy Spirit in me. For those of you who don’t know yet, there is a baptism of water, and a baptism of the Holy Spirit, where you receive His Spirit in you (Acts 1,2. Romans 8:15).

I remember my husband saying “do you feel that?”

“Feel what” I asked

“Do you feel that electric feeling in your body moving when you worship”

He couldn’t really explain it? But I knew I had a for sure no to that.

I would wonder why I do not feel what He feels. I had very much been baptized by the Holy Spirit, but for some reason this was not how I felt it, I doubted I had received the Holy Spirit but then chose to trust that I had His Spirit. The feelings present or not could not diminish the power of God in my life.

Being a follower of Jesus since 2010, 2020 I for the very first time felt a rush on my side when I was praying. A strong rush on my side, God was revealing to me that I was getting confirmation, that I was praying in the will of God. Weeks later when I made an announcement of what I felt God was leading me to do, I felt it again and strong. It increased as I moved as I usually do, not much changed about me. But the rush increase and mostly when I was in agreement with God on a matter, like prayer, or simply moving in obedience in some form of preaching or speaking. If there was a moment where the pastor teaching and preaching wanted a shout in the crowd, I would say this rush would do it for anyone needing encouragement. This feeling I get now has even increased from just my left, and now over my entire body, It is a new way for me that God speaks to me, His confirmation in my leaning towards His unction, plans and desires. Again this feeling does not make up for what is actually happening in the spirit. These responses to what is happing in the spirit are not what makes up the spirit, so many times I will allow the work of God over me even if I do not feel, hear, see, or know what He is doing. I can only imaging a great work happening and trust that He knows what I need, what He is doing and how its happening. I share this to encourage anyone who doubts who they are in the kingdom, or doubts their call, or themselves based on comparison of other very supernatural experiences. Because at the end of the day, it is fruit that we want, we want to bare fruit for the Kingdom. God still wants you there, He still wants you at the alter, He still wants you to be delivered, He still wants your worship, your speaking, your praying, your obedience, and He still very much has something to say. Take your time with His revealing in your life, explore how He is showing himself to you. I will close with this prayer,


Thank You Lord, For being alive today. Thank you Lord for knocking at our door, and waiting for us to answer, our door is open to you. Thank you Lord for being present even if we do not acknowledge you, you see all know all and are everywhere at once, and it is in your word that “Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow” James 1:17. Lord you have been speaking all along, Lord open our eyes and ears to hear. Lord however you have desired and desire now to reveal yourself Lord we welcome you. Whatever messages you have waiting, Whatever you have to say. If you have called us like Samuel, then We are your servants Lord and we are listening. If you have called us like Saul to Paul Lord, give us clarity and remove the scales from our eyes Lord. Turn it all around for good. If we have denied you because of religion, old rules, traditions or any form of denial to you Lord, just as you have said before “For I tell you this, you will never see me again until you say, “Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord” Mathew 23:39 Lord we say it BLESSINGS ON THE ONE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. WE SAY IT LORD. We are here. Come gather us and speak to your people Lord. Show us your beautiful face, we receive you in all the measure you desire Lord. In Jesus name AMEN.

Prayer is powerful,

Let’s make our lifestyle meet the need that we request from God. Here are some practical things you can do going forward,

Seek the Kingdom

Read the word of God

Have a praying lifestyle

“So pay attention to how you hear. To those who listen to my teaching more understanding will be given, But for those who are not listening, even what they think they understand will be taken away from then.” Luke 8:18

In other words, walk it out in obedience what you hear, listen and apply and you will see more, understand it better. He will increase what He has started with you.

Ask God questions

Ask Him now “How do you speak to me now Lord. I pray for discernment on how you want to reveal yourself in my life Jesus. Thank you in Jesus name amen”


  1. Autumn B. says:

    Learning about the ways God speaks never gets old. It still blow my mind that he infiltrates our thoughts like this. Especially when you were mention you know your thoughts, and how this wasn’t a regular thought from your mind! So powerful!


    1. Hello, I just saw this, thank you, yess I love that He fills us with thoughts, and helps up navigate life with them.

      Liked by 1 person

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